The first Monster Hunter posters have arrived. Milla Jovovich's Captain Natalie Artemis can be seen wielding the Giant Jawblade, aka the Great Sword, in one of them. The highly anticipated video game adaptation is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil). However, the movie will alter a bit of the Monster Hunter storyline for the big screen. This is common in most adaptations, but even more so when movies are made from video game source material. Thankfully, Anderson knows a thing or two about making a successful video game movie.

Along with Milla Jovovich as Captain Natalie Artemis holding the Giant Jawblade, the other Monster Hunter poster features Tony Jaa's The Hunter, who has the Great Hunter's Bow. Both weapons are from the iconic video game and should get some of the more skeptical fans excited for the upcoming movie. Both posters are in a desert setting, which are believed to be based on the look of the game's Wildspire Wastes area. Even without seeing some footage, the posters appear to be teasing something pretty epic.

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Speaking of footage, Monster Hunter was given a PG-13 rating. This information, paired with these new posters means that the first official trailer is on the way. Fans were teased with some grainy bootleg footage from the Shanghai International Film Festival back in June 2019. The footage, even in its bootleg form, is very promising, which means an official trailer should be exactly what fans are hoping for. Adding to the trailer evidence is that the movie is scheduled to hit theaters in September, meaning it's just about time for the promotional campaign.

Paul W.S. Anderson's Monster Hunter finds Milla Jovovich's Captain Natalie Artemis, a member of a United Nations military team, who falls into a portal to an alternate world where Hunters fight gigantic monsters. The goal is to keep the monsters from entering the portal and traveling to Earth to wreak havoc. From the leaked footage, the monsters are pretty ferocious and they look a lot like what you'd expect from the video games. However, the footage shown at the Shanghai International Film Festival was probably unfinished in the CGI department.

Monster Hunter hits theaters on September 4th. Milla Jovovich says that fans of the video game franchise should be looking forward to the release, while also revealing that the training for the movie was pretty grueling. After calling the movie "incredible," she noted that the training for the movie was hard but it made her "mentally more able to deal with the overwhelming experiences that we all go through in our lives." That sounds like a pretty good attitude for working on the Monster Hunter movie. Let's hope that trailer drops in the next few weeks. Until then, you can check out the first posters for the highly anticipated movie below, thanks to IGN.

Monster Hunter Poster Milla Jovovich
Monster Hunter Poster Tony Jaa