Milla Jovovich was one of the earliest female action stars for a new generation when she played the role of the protagonist Alice in director Paul W. S. Anderson's Resident Evil series. The duo, now married, have teamed up again for the upcoming big creature feature Monster Hunter. Despite her years of experience in the action genre, Jovovich revealed that there was one particular scene in the new film where she is strapped into a flipping humvee that made her fear for her life.

"It was awful. It was really awful, because I get real claustrophobic. They actually built a rig that was like a rotisserie, so that Humvee was like the chicken, and it would go round and round. And, you know, they would strap us in, with all of our armor and all of our gear, and blow all of this debris into the car, and it was just like, loud. I was literally having a panic attack, I couldn't. And you're going upside down... it was like one of those things at the carnival, where you keep flipping over and over. I was like, 'Wow, when I was 12, this would have been really fun. And now, I just feel like I'm literally gonna die."
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Normally in present-day Hollywood, such a dangerous stunt would be done using CGI, or at least strapping stuntmen into the vehicle in place of the actual actors. But Monster Hunter had a different approach to the stunt, as explained by the project's Special Effects Supervisor Jonathan Barras.

"It was almost a whole vehicle that we balanced between two roller bearings. We could spin and revolve it at any speed that we wanted. Milla and the rest of our cast were all in there... it was like a giant tumble dryer with objects bouncing around inside - not very comfortable, but they wore it well."

Based on the popular video game series, Monster Hunter tells the story of Captain Natalie Artemis, played by Jovovich, who is a US Army Ranger member of a United Nations military team. Artemis and her crew find themselves stranded in a strange land after falling through a mysterious portal.

While attempting to find a way home, Artemis and her companions encounter a series of gigantic behemoths that prove to be too much for their weaponry. In order to stand a chance of survival, the rangers are forced to team up with a local hunter, played by Tony Jaa, who has a great deal of experience fighting the monsters. If Monster Hunter becomes a hit, fans can expect a bunch of sequels, as Milla Jovovich had previously confirmed Anderson has already started work on a follow-up film.

"Definitely, we would love to make another one. Hopefully, people are going to love [the film] because I know Paul would love to make a sequel. I mean, he's already writing something..."

Written, directed, and produced by Paul W.S. Anderson, Monster Hunter stars Milla Jovovich, Ron Perlman, TI, Tony Jaa, Meagan Good, and Diego Boneta. The film arrives in theaters on December 18 in the United States. This news was first reported at CinemaBlend.