It's almost time to catch up with Sully and Mike, the not so scary monsters that we first met way back in 2001's Monsters Inc, as the new Disney+ sequel series Monsters at Work arrives on the streaming platform on July 2nd. Today we were treated to the full trailer for the show, which follows up on the events of the original Pixar movie, when we saw the best buds cause their company to ditch screams for laugher energy.

The premise of the series sees new character Tylor Tuskmon arrive at Monsters, Inc. under the pretense that he is being employed as a "scarer", only to find the company has taken a different direction. While this takes the emphasis away from original characters Mike and Sully, fans of the duo shouldn't worry too much as the Billy Crystal and John Goodman voiced pair are still very much an integral part of proceedings and will be interwoven around the stories of a whole set of brand new monsters for fans of the franchise.

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Billy Crystal and John Goodman are joined by Monsters newcomer Ben Feldman, with the rest of the cast including turns by Henry Winkler, Lucas Neff, Mindy Kaling, Stephen Stanton, John Ratzenberger, Jennifer Tilly and Bob Peterson. The series was originally announced by Disney back in 2019, before the Disney+ platform had launched and after a long two year wait, we finally get to see it. Monsters at Work is the latest series to branch out from one of Disney's many movie franchises, and is a long way from being the last.

Although it is hard to believe, Monsters At Work is only the second foray into long-form TV for Disney's Pixar division, with the previous outing being the Toy Story spin-off Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. With Disney anxious to utilize the streaming platform as much as possible, and so many options to choose from, there is no doubt that we will be seeing many more in the coming years.

Discounting sequels, Monsters Inc was the third original movie to be released by Pixar. Building on the success of the first two Toy Story movies and A Bug's Life, the film became an instant hit and grossed $577 million worldwide, making it their biggest movie at the time. The teaming of comedy giants Crystal and Goodman, along with talent like Steve Buscemi and James Coburn, struck a chord with audiences and led to a prequel movie, Monsters University in 2013. The prequel, which told the story of Mick and Sully's time at college before they became best friends, out-grossed the original film, taking over $743 million.

Monsters At Work will now look to expand the world of Mike and Sully beyond the movies, bringing something new and exciting to the franchise for fans and gaining a whole new audience in the process. The series begins streaming on July 2nd for Disney+ subscribers and if the trailer is anything to go by, the wait is certainly going to have been worth it.