Pixar put out two original movies last year with Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur. Both brought in varying results, the former winning a Best Animated Feature Oscar. But even though Pixar is still having success with new ideas, fans are eager to see sequels to the studio's beloved properties. One of those properties is Monsters Inc. and there is still a chance, even if it isn't a good one, that we could see Monsters Inc. 3 at some point.

Pixar alum and Monsters Inc. director Pete Docter recently talked with Entertainment Weekly and gave an update on a possible sequel. In 2013, Pixar did make a prequel to the movie in the form of Monsters University and according to Docter, that was by design. Here is what he had to say when asked about the possibility of Monsters Inc. 3.

"You never say never - who knows what will happen? We purposely went with a prequel for Monsters University because we didn't want to answer some of the questions about what happens to Boo, and how does she grow up, and things like that. It would have to be really compelling, which is hopefully the benchmark for all of our sequels, anyway."

There have been numerous rumors regarding a potential Monsters Inc. 3 for some time now, most of them unfounded. Most of the rumors have suggested that we would be seeing Boo all grown up, which Pete Docter stated they avoided intentionally, at least for now. As it turns out, one of the original ideas for Monsters Inc. would have involved a grown up interacting with monsters they encountered during their youth. Sort of in the style of Peter Pan, which could be an idea Pixar revisits for a Monsters Inc. 3 down the line.

"Part of that idea was like a Peter Pan-type thing, where [Wendy] had been visited by Peter Pan as a kid and had sort of half-forgotten who he was."

In the EW article, they did make it clear that Pixar and Pete Docter are not actively looking at doing a Monsters Inc. sequel right now. Currently, the studio has three sequels in development, including The Incredibles 2, which had its release date moved up to 2018 recently and Toy Story 4, which had its release date moved back to 2019. The other sequel being Cars 3. Pete Docter also offered an update on Toy Story 4, which could also help explain why Monsters Inc. 3 isn't currently being looked at.

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"It's hard, because as we get in there, we realize you don't want this to just be another regurgitation of something we've seen. We've really plumbed the depths of these characters with Woody and Buzz, so to find something new that hasn't been done, I feel like we're onto it now. But it's taken some real deep investigative work."

The original Monsters Inc. remains one of the most beloved Pixar movies ever made and it was also a big box office success back in 2001. The movie currently sits at a 96 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and made $543 million worldwide. The prequel, Monsters University, wasn't quite as loved as it has a slightly less impressive 78 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It did manage to do better at the box office though, bringing in a very impressive $744 million worldwide. Money talks, but Pixar has a lot of integrity so unless they have a good idea for Monsters Inc. 3 and the time is right, the movie won't get made. But as Pete Docter said, "never say never."

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott