Pixar is pushing the release of its animated prequel Monsters University from November 12, 2012 to June 21, 2013. Disney's secretive project Reboot Ralph, which was originally set to open March 22, 2013, has been moved to the November 12, 2012 release date.

It is said that Reboot Ralph, which tells the tale of an obsolete video game character, is ahead of schedule. It seems the studio wants to launch Monsters University in the summer season, though, which caused the release date shift. Here's what Disney distribution executive Chuck Viane said about the move.

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"With the tremendous summer successes Pixar has had, it's the perfect window for Monsters University. At the same time, we're thrilled that our momentum on Reboot Ralph will allow us to get the film to audiences much sooner than expected."

Both Monsters University, which features Sully and Wazowski going to school in this prequel, and Reboot Ralph will be released in 3D.