Disney and Pixar have announced the debut of an all-new animated short, this time focusing on the characters from this past summer's Monsters University. Party Central will be attached to Muppets Most Wanted when it hits theaters May 21, 2014. This six-minute spin-off follows Mike, Sully and their Oozma Kappa frat brothers as they try to throw one mean monster blowout of a bash. They become quite dismayed when they realize no one is going to show up. Putting some extra inter-dimensional doors to good use, they get creative and pull in all sorts of secret guests (no spoilers!) to keep the party rocking through out the night (will we see an appearance from some of the biggest monsters in history?). Entertainment Weekly has released the first photo from the short, which made its debut at last year's D23 Expo.

Party Central

Monsters University story supervisor Kelsey Mann wrote and directed Party Central. The idea for the short actually came straight from the film itself.

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"When you first meet the Oozma Kappas, they go to their fraternity house and the first thing they say is, 'Welcome to party central! We haven't thrown a party yet, but when we do we'll be ready'. I kept telling [Monsters University director] Dan Scanlon, 'I really want to see their party. We have to do it in the credits or something.' Then when the idea of doing a short came up, we were like, 'That could be the party!'"

Party Central took eight months to make, and some of the production happened throughout Monsters University itself.

"We would do a couple of pickup lines with Billy Crystal and the other actors for the movie and then we'd get the stuff we needed for the short. It really worked out smoothly."

Party Central was initially supposed to just be a part of the Monsters University Blu-ray, but the crew at Pixar and Disney loved it so much, it wound up on the big screen in front of one of their tentpole 2014 releases.

"It fits. Party Central is a big, epic party, so the bigger the screen and the louder the speakers, the better it is."