The Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't going anywhere anytime soon. That means we're eventually going to see most of the characters that fans are aching for make it to the big or small screen. One such character, Moon Knight, has been brought up many times over the years, be it by creators or fans, as someone who is very deserving of the live-action treatment. While no project is officially in development, it's fun to dream. That's exactly what artist BossLogic had done, by showing us what Jake Gyllenhaal could look like as Moon Knight.

BossLogic regularly produces art that features an actor who was recently cast in a big comic book role, or someone who is rumored to be up for a role. Or, in this case, just a bit of dream casting that seems to fit like a glove. There's no real reason to think that Jake Gyllenhaal is flirting with playing Moon Knight, but after seeing these images, it's hard not to want this to happen. While Gyllenhaal is almost entirely cloaked in the art, save for his face in one of the images, it's very authentic to the character.

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Moon Knight first appeared in the world Marvel Comics in 1975. He wasn't given his own origin story until 1980, though. He is a crimefighter who got his powers from ancient Egyptians and his power is fueled by the moon, hence the name Moon Knight. As such, he is most powerful when the moon is full. As for his powers? He has prophetic visions, which aid him in his crime-fighting endeavors, as well as being a skilled boxer, martial artist and pilot. He's strangely similar to Batman, but with some actual superpowers. He doesn't just throw inherited money at crime-fighting gadgets.

Speaking of Batman, Jake Gyllenhaal is actually rumored to be possibly up to replace Ben Affleck in the DCEU. Affleck seems increasingly less likely to appear in Matt Reeves' The Batman, which means that a new actor is going to take on the role of Batman. While it hasn't been confirmed, it's said that Reeves wants Gyllenhaal for the role. That would certainly get in the way of this Moon Knight fan casting. That is, if the whole Batman thing comes to pass.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has repeatedly expressed interest in Moon Knight, but doesn't have time to develop the project. But can you imagine Gunn directing Jake Gyllenhaal in a Moon Knight movie? Hey, if the Batman thing doesn't happen, maybe he can just hop on over to Marvel. He seems like the kind of guy who's destined for a big superhero movie role at some point. Be sure to check out the Moon Knight art, courtesy of BossLogic for yourself below and dream of what could be.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott