Between Marvel Studios officially skipping 2020 completely without a single release and Warner Bros. deciding that their entire 2021 slate of DC films will get a simultaneous release on HBO Max, many had been afraid that MCU's Phase IV films were headed for a similar fate. But during Walt Disney Company's Investor Day 2020 webcast, Kevin Feige not only confirmed that all their features are still scheduled to release on their last announced dates but also gave a small, yet exciting update, on the highly-awaited debut of the Marvel Superhero Moon Knight

Marvel Studios has set up a hectic schedule for itself, not just for 2021, but the years after that as Feige served a detailed peek into what all is in the pipeline, including projects that are yet to begin production. But much like Ms Marvel, Moon Knight is also currently in development for Disney+ and it has been confirmed that the series will be directed by Mohamed Diab, the renowned Egyptian screenwriter and director.

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The character of Marc Spector, who moonlights as the superhero Moon Knight, first appeared in the August 1975 edition of the comics Werewolf by Night #32 and shares multiple similarities with DC Comics' Batman. Both are millionaires who use their immense wealthy to make gadgets which they use to stealthy fight crime. They even use similar boomerangs which are known as Moonrangs for Moon Knight. The only distinctive differences between the two is that Moon Knight actually has superpowers and suffers from dissociative personality disorder. 

It has already been confirmed that the superhero and his "multiple identities" will be a part of the story. 

"The character Moon Knight is a complex vigilante who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and these multiple identities that live inside him are very distinct characters in the series. The backdrop of our story is incredible Egyptian iconography. Egyptology is something the world's always been fascinated by, and we're going to tap into the fun and bold way," reads the official synopsis of the series.

If you have been wondering what the tone of the series will be as this is the first time that Marvel would be tackling the sensitive topic of mental disorder while featuring a lead character that has a penchant for extreme violence, Kevin Feige has confirmed that Moon Knight is going to be an "Indiana Jones" like action-adventure story. 

What was, unfortunately, not confirmed by Feige was whether the flying rumours of Star Wars alum Oscar Isaac of signing on to play the titular role are true or not. Mere months ago, Deadline had reported that the actor is in talks to cement the deal to be MCU's Moon Knight, starting with the Disney+ series, but either they were just rumours or maybe Isaac is still ironing out a few details of his association with Marvel. 

So, all we know as of now about the upcoming series is that it's going to one exciting "hell of a ride," hopefully with Isaac playing the different alter egos of Marc Spector-- whether it's the cabbie Jake Lockley or the peculiar, dressed in all-white consultant Mr. Knight. But as the production has just begun and Marvel already has a packed 2021 full of scheduled releases, we can hope for Moon Knight to get a 2022 release window. This news comes to us from the official Disney Twitter page