Josh Gad is going the moon courtesy of disaster movie maestro Roland Emmerich. Rather than literally journeying into space like Tom Cruise, Gad is the first actor cast in Moonfall, the next big, loud blockbuster movie from Emmerich, which as the very apt title suggests, will see the moon, well, fall.

Moonfall has been written by Emmerich alongside 2012 co-writer Harald Kloser and Spenser Cohen. The movie's plot kicks into action when the moon is knocked from its orbit by a mysterious force and is sent hurtling on a collision course with Earth. Life as we know it hangs in the balance, as it so often does in a Roland Emmerich movie, and with just weeks to go before impact, a ragtag team is sent on a seemingly impossible mission to land on the lunar surface and save humanity.

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Gad has been signed up to play a character named KC Houseman, who has been described by the filmmakers as "odd and unkempt" in a way that suggests a high level of intelligence and an equally high level of disorganization. He is a genius who correctly predicts that the moon has fallen out of its orbit, thus making the space-obsessed, profoundly unfiltered, and eccentric man one of the most important people on Earth.

It is the type of character we have seen many times before, particularly in this genre, but it is absolutely a role that Josh Gad is well-suited for. Moonfall is also being described as an ensemble movie, so there will be many more casting announcements to come.

Lionsgate, which partnered with Roland Emmerich on his last picture, the World War II actioner Midway, has North American rights to the project, which is eyeing a production start this fall. Emmerich is producing Moonfall under his Centropolis banner with Kloser producing through his company, Street Entertainment.

Moonfall has something of an Armageddon or Deep Impact vibe, with a touch of Gad's other world-saving adventure, Pixels, thrown in for good measure. Though Moonfall will likely be a more serious catastrophic event than that arcade game-inspired slice of cinematic tedium.

The Tony Award-nominated Gad is currently on everyone's favorites list thanks to his recently launched 1980s-centric YouTube series, Reunited Apart. The first episode saw the Frozen 2 star bring together the cast of director Richard Donner's cherished family adventure movie The Goonies, with the second episode reuniting the cast of Robert Zemeckis' beloved time-traveling classic Back to the Future.

Gad can next be seen in Disney's adaptation of author Eoin Colfer's fantasy Artemis Fowl. Following Artemis Fowl, a 12-year-old genius and descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds. The story finds Artemis caught up in an epic battle against a race of powerful underground fairies who may be behind his father's disappearance. Artemis Fowl is directed by Kenneth Branagh from a screenplay co-written by Conor McPherson and Hamish McColl and stars Ferdia Shaw, Josh Gad, Lara McDonnell, Tamara Smart, Nonso Anozie, Colin Farrell, and Judi Dench.

The movie was planned for a Memorial Day Weekend theatrical release, but now the movie will hit Disney+ on June 12. This comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.