We tour the Buzzwire offices for a look at this season's last four episodes

Moonlight fans rejoice! Private Investigator Mick St. John is returning to CBS on Friday, April 25th for the first of four all-new episodes. And he's bringing along some mighty shocking twists that will have you chewing the skin off the back of your hand. You're not going to want to miss what series creators have in store for you this spring. Don't worry, we're not going to spoil the fun. You'll have to tune in if you want to see what fans will be talking about all summer long. Trust us, some mighty juicy stuff is about to seep out of the seams of this first season sensation.

A series about a vampire-turned-private investigator, Moonlight gained quite a bit of momentum as an audience favorite when it premiered last fall. Sadly, that searing thrust of energy was cut short by the writers' strike. After only twelve episodes, the show was put on indefinite hiatus. Fans everywhere were faced with the heartbreaking possibility that another awesome show might be lost to the annals of television history. Now that the strike is over, there is nothing to worry about. Production has picked back up again and everyone involved feels pretty confident that there will be a second season. Even though the original episode run has been slightly stunted, these four new episodes premiering this spring will run without a break or a sandwiched-in repeat.

When we last saw Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin), he had just turned mortal. Sadly, he could not share this experience with his intended love interest Beth (Sophia Myles) because she refused to see him after the death of her pending fiance Josh. This episode, titled "The Mortal Cure", left audiences in a horrific state of limbo. Now, the gang is back to wrap up these dangling plot threads. Will Mick return to his vampiric state? Will he and Beth finally hook-up? Will we finally get to see Josef vamp out? All these questions and more will be answered soon enough.

We were recently invited to the Moonlight set over on the Warner Brothers lot for an advanced sneak peek at the upcoming episodes. We also got a chance to talk with all of the key cast members including Jason Dohring, Sophia Myles, Alex O'Loughlin, and Eric Winter. As soon as we arrived in the WB parking garage, we were escorted to the Moonlight sets. Harrington Apartments, Josef's office, and Beth's beachside home are all housed in one single studio barn, as are Mick's office and the Buzzwire studio.

Walking through Josef's office was a bit dangerous, as the place hasn't recovered from the blowout experienced before the prolonged hiatus. Debris littered the floor, with huge gapping holes in the walls, and the roof torn open like a sardine can. On the table sat a book of fabric samples. At least his desk looked in tact. Just outside Josef's doorway sits Beth's beach house. Even though it has been built on a set, it is totally livable. The inside is decked out in seashells and sweet comfort. Once inside, we took a seat on the couch, where Jason Dohring was waiting to be interviewed.

Dohring plays Josef Kostan on the show. He is a centuries old vampire that has decided to live a pretty hedonistic lifestyle. He is also Mick's mentor and closet friend. Jason seemed pretty excited about this upcoming series of new episodes, and was more than happy to share his thoughts on the matter:


What is it like going from Veronica Mars, where you played such a young kid, to this, where you are playing a character that is centuries old?

Jason Dohring: It is tough. When you play someone that has been around for just one lifetime, it is easier to understand him. You have more of a limited experience. When you play someone that has been around for maybe eight lifetimes, that is quite the challenge. There are no new situations. You've seen everything before. When I give advice to Mick? Please. The stuff that happens to him is stuff I dealt with three hundred years ago.

How does it feel to be back on set after such a long break?

Jason Dohring: It is rad. It is really great. We are doing some really awesome stuff. I am not bullshitting you. You guys are really going to love these upcoming episodes. I saw one scene of it in the editing room. I was emotional for the next hour and a half. That doesn't usually happen. Maybe I get emotional for five minutes. But this footage had me saying, "Wow!" The scene is just beautiful, and the score is amazing. We have a thirty-piece orchestra. It was scored by the director, and he got in there and said, "Play those instruments like you are never going to play them again." They went crazy. There was this guy on the upright bass. He was so cool. It is going to be rad.

Did you use your break to work on your character at all?

Jason Dohring: Yeah. I did, actually. With episodes thirteen and fourteen, I am really starting to understand what this guy is about. I am curious to know what you guys think. I think the progression is a lot better than how I originally perceived this character to be.

Are you going to have a bigger part in these four upcoming episodes?

Jason Dohring: I think so. Mick and I go and kick some ass in this episode coming up. We go in there like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. We start ripping some vamps up. I go vampire for the first time, which you haven't really seen. It is pretty cool. That will be a really good scene.

When do you think we will finally see that knock down, drag out fight between you and Mick?

Jason Dohring: Between us? Dude! I hope soon, but for the most part I think it will be him and I kicking someone else's ass. But will I ever kick his ass? Maybe. Hopefully, because that would be kind of cool to see what that would be like. We'd both get a little bit of a beat down. I'm into that sort of thing happening. They just haven't written it yet.

Are there any upcoming scenes that you can't wait for an audience to check out?

Jason Dohring: This whole next episode, man. I think it is the best one. I have seen scenes from it, and I know you guys will like it. I'm not just saying that. I think you guys really will. I have four scenes in that one, and one of those scenes is seriously kick ass. Then they are other scenes that are funny. Some of it is lighthearted. I hope it is good.

How much fun did you have finally turning into a vampire?

Jason Dohring: It was great, dude. It was thirteen episodes coming, and it was really cool. I got dressed for make-up, and they weren't ready for me for about four or five hours. So I went out around town with all of my make-up on. I looked like a drug addict. It was very funny. People looked at me like some really sick person. I looked like the type of person you wouldn't want to be approached by. It was fun to go out like that.

Have you read the series finale?

Jason Dohring: No. It is not out yet.

Are you satisfied with where your character is at in these last three episodes?

Jason Dohring: Yeah. Whatever they write is cool. They did one episode that went into the back-story of my character. I rather enjoyed that. I'd like to see me in some flashbacks. I'd rather show some of this stuff rather than just talk about it. I want to know what the party scene was like back then.

Have you found out how you became a vampire?

Jason Dohring: No. I don't know about that yet. But I know he is from some sort of good bloodline. Some sort of powerful thing.

Are they going to touch on that in the second season?

Jason Dohring: I hope so, bro. I think it is a great story. In episode twelve, when we had that stuff with Coraline, and we showed where she came from? I thought that was very fascinating. I think bloodlines are very interesting. You have to cross reference them, and you get to see who is more powerful. You get to see the different properties of various heritages. As far as my character goes, that's just something that hasn't ever been brought up. He definitely comes from a place with good genes.

Do you ever run into fans that think they are vampires or vampire hunters?

Jason Dohring: Dude, I've had people ask me, "Do you believe in vampires?" I say, "No." Then they really look at me and ask the question again, "Do you believe in vampires?" Then they show me their teeth. Some people are into that. I met a friend of Anne Rice's recently, out on the golf course funny enough. And he was telling me that the vampirism in her books is based on Leukemia. I think she had a son that died from that when he was three. The story is derived from that disease. I don't know if vampires are real. But it certainly is interesting. There is something about the human aspect of being immortal and more powerful than you think you are. People see that and it kind of turns them on. You watch a vampire movie, and suddenly you're going, "Yeah, I want to do that!" This has that kind of feel to it.

Would you like to see your character go to the lightside?

Jason Dohring: I don't think so. I think he is more interesting in that he does what he does. I think there will be moments where a lighter side will drop in. I think there was a time when he was almost like Mick. Then he dropped over the edge that Mick isn't over yet. He is keeping his morals and his life together. He is trying to make it work. Rightly or wrongly, I like to think in those terms.

After speaking with Jason, we moved into the Buzzwire offices, which were also right next door to Beth's beautiful beachside home. The inside looked like any average workspace with desks and cubicles set up throughout the room. Baby pictures and the occasional toy filled the many desks. Empty video boxes marked "Buzzwire" sat on faked out shelves, along with Buzzwire folders that contained nothing but empty paper. Beth's desk was mysteriously absent, but Beth was not. Actress Sophia Myles was waiting inside for a quick chat.

Myles plays the love interest on the show, Beth Turner. She is an intrepid Internet reporter that was rescued by Mick twenty-two years earlier. They have now formed a bond, and you can certainly feel the sexual tension in the air whenever they get together. Myles greeted us with a brand new haircut. Of course we had to discuss it:


Are you going to incorporate your new shorter hairstyle into the series?

Sophia Myles: No, they haven't done that yet. I had extensions in my hair for the first half of the season. I have very fine hair, naturally. When I took the extensions out, it completely destroyed my hair. Note to any girls out there, don't start with any extensions. It is a recipe for disaster, especially if you have fine hair. I had to have the last extensions cut out. Now they are wigging me. They are still able to use the front bit of my hair. It is all fake. It is all Hollywood, baby.

Have you been surprised by the success of the show?

Sophia Myles: Yeah. When I came into this, I didn't have any expectations. Its blowing my mind how the show has had this snowball effect. It is really thrilling. The thing we love most about it is our fan base. They are giving blood to make people more aware of the show. That says something in and of itself. They are donating blood to the Red Cross to insure that CBS gives us a second season.

Did you go and give blood for the blood drive?

Sophia Myles: No, I haven't yet. I think its because we are foreigners. There is some law stating that we can't. I was definitely up for it, though.

Where would you like to see your character go in season two?

Sophia Myles: I don't know. It is really interesting. Sitting back and looking at it objectively, I don't see how there is a happy future for Beth. My advice for the girls out there? Do not get involved with a vampire. Because I know what it entails. A vampire and a mortal cannot conceive a child. She is going to age, he is not. I don't know if this is going to work. They are madly in love with each other. Hopefully that will take care of everything else. Right now, she is just starting to think of the realities of the situation. When it is a human and human relationship, you do get to that point where you want to know if there is a future. So I suspect that there will be some sort of ultimatum for these two at some point.

Are you opposed to being turned into a vampire yourself, or are you waiting until your thirties?

Sophia Myles: I don't know. I think it is an option that she will certainly think about. But she has to learn the realities of it. Mick hasn't given her any kind of solid commitment. If I am going to get turned into a vampire, I'd like to see a nice big diamond on my finger.

Moonlight returns to CBS on Friday, April 25th with four all-new episodes. Be sure to check back soon for the second part of our set visit, where we speak with both Alex O'Loughlin and Eric Winter.