Columbia Pictures has acquired the rights to Joshua Foer's recent book Moonwalking With Einstein, which is currently in 19th place on the New York Times best-seller list in non-fiction.

Matthew Tolmach will produce the adaptation for Columbia, although it doesn't seem that a screenwriter is attached to adapt the book yet. Moonwalking With Einstein is told from the author's perspective, a science journalist who learned how to increase his memory capacity when he covered the U.S. Memory Championship, which he also entered as a participant. Here's what Columbia Pictures president Doug Belgrad had to say about the book.

"This is a very special book which transcends the already fascinating subject of memory. By explaining in personal and entertaining fashion a great deal about how our brains work, Joshua has written a book that sheds light on how memory is connected to humanity."

No production schedule was revealed for Moonwalking With Einstein.