Kevin Smith has updated us on the status of some long-gestating projects. Starting with Moose Jaws, a project that Smith has been working on since 2014 and has been described previously by the director as "Jaws with a moose." The project has been in something of an on again, off again, state for a while, but during a recent live recording of his Fatman on Batman podcast, Smith provided an update on the project during the Q&A portion when a fan inquired about it. Here's what he had to say.

"Moose Jaws, we have money for it. Isn't that crazy? That just happened in the last two weeks and stuff. More when I know, and I'll know very soon."
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Apparently, someone has stepped up to finance Moose Jaws, but it's unclear who is putting up the money at this point. The horror comedy has been billed as the finale to the Kevin SmithTrue North trilogy, which includes the previously released Tusk and Yoga Hosers. Both of those movies were pretty big flops, both critically and financially, so it's easy to imagine that securing financing for something like Moose Jaws might be a bit difficult, but it looks as though he's managed to get something going.

During the show, Kevin Smith also provided an update on the status of his hockey comedy Hit Somebody. Back in 2009, Smith boasted that the project would be his final movie as a director. His career has taken a different turn since then, but he's still kept the project alive over the years. Here's what Smith had to say about the status of Hit Somebody, which is being turned into a graphic novel.

"I did two episodes of SModcast where I read two of the scripts based on that, somebody heard it and said, 'Ooh, can we do that here, why don't you bring it here and we'll do it here and we'll do it up?' So it's gonna become this other thing and at the same time, Jeremy Simser, who's the storyboard artist on Flash and Supergirl and Game of Thrones, some episodes of Game of Thrones, has started doing it as a graphic novel. So either way you're seeing it and you're gonna hear it as well. And I'm kinda hoping between those two that somebody goes, 'Oh, this should be a film thing,' and then it'll eventually wind up as a mini-series. That's my hope."

Hit Somebody isn't going to be turned into a live-action project anytime soon it sounds like. Originally pitched as a movie based on Warren Zevon's Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song), Kevin Smith eventually pivoted and decided it would become a two-part mini-series. For now, fans will have to settle for a graphic novel and an audio adaptation of some kind.

Before the Clerks director can get to work on Moose Jaws, he's going to reunite with Jason Mewes for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which shoots in August. Kevin Smith has been quite busy ever since suffering his near-fatal heart attack earlier this year. The man has a new lease on life and he's clearly making the most of it. This was previously reported by