A few months ago, filmmaker Kevin Smith announced that his next movie would be Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, a sequel to his 2001 comedy Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Some fans were left somewhat confused, though, since many thought that his next movie would be the conclusion to his True North trilogy, Moose Jaws. As it turns out, the filmmaker isn't abandoning that project at all, taking to Facebook Live earlier today to reveal the first sales artwork for the movie, as it starts to seek funding. Now it seems that this project will come together after Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, which begins production this fall.

Kevin Smith revealed this Moose Jaws artwork during a Facebook Live video, where he explained how he has been "building" the story for awhile, and that his old friend Tony DiSanto, who runs a company called Diga, will help the director get financing for this final True North trilogy movie. To help do that, they came up with a sales poster to help sell the movie, which was unveiled during this 10-minute live video. Here's what the director had to say before unveiling the poster.

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"As you know, for the last few years, I've been in the midst of these Canadian horror movies that NOBODY but me seems to like. Tusk, which was with Justin Long and the great Michael Parks, who just passed away, about a man who turns another man into a walrus. And then last year we had Yoga Hosers, about two girls from Tusk who work in the convenience store, the Eh to Zed, and they were fighting one-foot tall bratwurst Nazis called Bratzis. As promised, or threatened, there is another one of these, one last flick, that is coming down the pike. We've been building for a little while, and it is different. The movie is called Moose Jaws, and it is basically Jaws, but with a moose, instead of a shark. How we're doing that is there is a guy named Tony DiSanto, who plays a pivotal role in my personal life. Tony has a company called Diga, and Tony's company is gonna go find us the loot to make that next movie. Tony heard about this thing we were doing here and he said, 'Oh my Lord, I love it. In order to go out and pitch it, you have to, well, one has to, well, you don't have to, come up with a visual aid. You want a visual aid to go into an office and say, 'Moose Jaws. Give us money, please. So, the good folks at Diga came up with this."

At that point in the video, Kevin Smith unveiled the poster, which is essentially a parody of the original Jaws poster, with a pair of antlers placed on the iconic shark, along with a wheat field in the foreground, instead of the ocean. The director clarified that it won't actually be a shark in Moose Jaws, but the story is similar to Jaws, since it centers on a man-eating moose. Here's what the filmmaker added about the story.

"For those of you who are like, 'What?,' the movie is obviously not a shark. It's a moose, a man-eating moose, so it's just like Jaws, but with a moose instead of a shark. So, we're going to go out into the world, and this is what Tony will bring into the office with him."

The filmmaker also joked that he expects Universal to call him any minute now, since the poster is a blatant rip-off of the iconic Jaws poster. As for why this movie won't be happening until after Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, there may be a good explanation for that. The filmmaker teased way back in September 2015 that his beloved character Silent Bob would actually be killed in Moose Jaws, teasing that his character would be eaten by the moose. Of course, it's possible that plan may have changed between now and then, especially with Jay & Silent Bob Reboot in the works. Hopefully we'll learn more about Moose Jaws very soon. Take a look at the full Facebook Live video that Kevin Smith posted yesterday where you can see the poster, along with a screencap of the video with the director standing next to the poster.

Moose Jaws Poster