Alongside the release of a new international trailer for Sony's upcoming comic book adaptation Morbius, lead star Jared Leto has also provided a new promotional video in which he discusses the movie, and even hints at Morbius being linked with a certain wise-cracking webslinger. While there have been clues regarding the movie's link with the MCU's Spider-Man, both subtle and not-so-subtle, this is the first time that Leto himself has addressed the character's role in the "expanding universe".

"In the film, I play a new Marvel character that attempts to cure his lifelong blood design with experimental science. In the process, I turn into a living vampire. That's a little bit about what's going on, and I think it's going to be a fun one and I can't wait for you guys to see it. It's an exciting role in an expanding universe, there's a lot for us to look forward to."
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While Jared Leto does not name Spider-Man specifically, the initial trailer for Morbius has already spoiled the arrival of Michael Keaton's Spider-Man: Homecoming villain, Adrian Toomes AKA The Vulture, which in itself ties this world to that of at least some part of the MCU. If that weren't already enough, there is even a shot of Leto's Michael Morbius walking past a large piece of graffiti depicting Spidey in all his glory.

To add even more weight to the speculation, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has previously revealed that the new deal between Disney and Sony Pictures allows Spider-Man to "cross cinematic universes" saying, "Spider-Man is a powerful icon and hero whose story crosses all ages and audiences around the globe. He also happens to be the only hero with the superpower to cross cinematic universes, so as Sony continues to develop their own Spidey-verse you never know what surprises the future might hold."

Along with the persistent rumors and the supposed recent reveal that Spider-Man 3 will feature various villains and even previous Spider-Man incarnations in the upcoming MCU sequel, surely it can only be a matter of time before Morbius and Tom Holland's Spider-Man come face-to-face on screen, perhaps with a little of Tom Hardy's Venom thrown in for good measure. Add Mahershala Ali's Blade to proceedings as well as and suddenly audience's pulses will be racing so fast that movie theaters are going to need paramedics on standby.

Morbius follows, "One of Marvel's most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar winner Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero, Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease."

Directed by Daniel Espinosa, Morbius stars Jared Leto as Michael Morbius alongside Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Al Madrigal, and Tyrese Gibson. Morbius is scheduled to be released on March 19, 2021, after being delayed from an initial July 2020 date due to the ongoing global situation. Leto hinted a shared universe during a promotional video that was released alongside the new international trailer that comes to us courtesy of Sony Pictures Movies.