The first Morbius trailer arrived online today and it wound up being a bigger deal than expected. That's not to say that a Marvel Comics adaptation starring an Oscar-winning actor, in this case Jared Leto, isn't a big deal on its own, but the trailer contained some pretty big surprises. One such surprise was a cameo of sorts from none other than Spider-Man. But it wasn't a cameo in the flesh and, upon closer inspection, it certainly isn't the version of the webslinger that fans may have been expecting.

At around the 2:10 mark in the trailer, we see Jared Leto's main character walking down an alleyway in an orange jumpsuit. Is Morbius the Living Vampire breaking out of prison? That is a question for another time perhaps. As Jared Leto wanders down the alley, we see a painting on a wall of Spider-Man with the word "murderer" painted across him. This would seem to imply we're dealing with the aftermath of Spider-Man: Far From Home. During the post-credit scene, Mysterio revealed Peter Parker to be Spider-Man and made it look like he was a murderer. However, fans will surely notice that this is not Tom Holland's version of the character. Rather, it looks much more like Tobey Maguire's version from the Sam Raimi trilogy.

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This opens up a great many questions and, unfortunately, for the time being, we have precious few answers. To further complicate matters, Michael Keaton appears as Adrian Toomes at the end of the trailer, aka Vulture, who we last saw in Spider-Man: Homecoming. That alone would seem to imply that Morbius is taking place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, the different version of Spider-Man we see on the wall suggests otherwise.

So, is Morbius taking place in the same universe as the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy? Does that universe have a strikingly similar Vulture? Did similar events transpire in that universe? The most logical answer, as far as comic book related stuff goes anyway, is that Morbius will establish a multiverse, much in the same way that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse did. This would allow for different versions of the same characters to pop up in Sony's little spin-off universe, which also includes Venom, while not firmly connecting these movies to the MCU. It would leave that door open a little bit though.

As some fans have pointed out, the image on the wall also looks like it could be an image from the Spider-Man PS4 game. Even if that's the case, it certainly took a lot of inspiration from Tobey Maguire as Spidey. No matter what, this isn't the same Spider-Man from the MCU, yet we have a villain from the MCU. It will be undoubtedly fascinating to see how this is all explained in the coming months. Morbius., which is directed by Daniel Espinosa (Life), is set to hit theaters on July 31 from Sony Pictures.