A set photo from the upcoming Morbius movie reveals a humorous connection to Venom. The Jared Leto-starring movie was in the process of reshoots in Manchester, England when the production came to a halt. However, the set remains to be up and one fan was able to walk through it on his way home from work. Marvel fans are going to be expecting to see connections to Spider-Man and Venom in Morbius, along with the other way around, so it will be interesting to see just how far they go.

The nod to Venom in the Morbius set picture is much like the Spider-Man Easter Egg spotted in the movie's first trailer. We can see a graffiti version of the Symbiote on a wall, which is done in a cartoonish manner. Underneath the head, "Venom" is spray painted, just to make sure everybody knows who it is. The Manchester set is supposed to be New York City, so it's unclear if Eddie Brock will be going from San Francisco to New York in the upcoming Venom 2.

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In the Morbius trailer, we saw an image of Spider-Man on a city wall with the word "murderer" scrawled underneath. This is more than likely a reference to Spider-Man: Far From Home's conclusion where Mysterio frames Peter Parker for his murder. There has been wild speculation that Tom Holland will show up in either Morbius or Venom 2, but that has yet to be confirmed by the studio at this time, though we do know that Sony wants to integrate Holland's Peter Parker into the universe. As for how that will all work out, that is unclear at the moment.

This Spider-Man spinoff was originally set to open in theaters this July, but Sony decided to move the Morbius release date until early 2021. Just about every major studio has had to move their release dates due to the current state of world affairs. Movie theaters remain closed and are not expected to open until this summer, though some, like AMC, might not be able to ever open their doors again. As of this writing, Venom 2 still has its October release date, though that is likely to change at any moment now. Marvel Studios just pushed back nearly all of their projects that are currently in development.

Sony has some big decision to make at the moment, especially when it comes to connecting any of these movies together. If Morbius was going to have some connection, or lead into Venom 2, that will obviously have to change now since the movie is now hitting theaters afterwards. This has not been confirmed to be the case, but Marvel fans were hoping there would be some sort of lead in or tease for the next movie. As with all things right now, fans are going to have to be a little bit more patient than usual. You can check out the Venom Easter Egg below, thanks to the Reddit.

CONFIRMED: Venom will appear as graffiti in Morbius Movie from r/SUMC