Matt Smith is in final talks to join the cast of Sony's Morbius the Living Vampire. Smith is reportedly going to have a major role in the movie, but who or what he's playing has not yet been revealed. The actor joins Jared Leto and the recently added Adria Arjona, who is playing the female lead in Sony's upcoming Spider-Man spin-off movie. It's believed that filming will begin sometime in February.

As for who Matt Smith will be playing in Morbius, that's anyone's guess at the moment. However, the movie will reportedly feature Martine Bancroft, who will be played by Adria Arjona, which has led to speculation that Smith could be playing Emil Nikos, who is one of Morbius' first victims after transforming. It has not been confirmed that Nikos will be included in the movie, but that could be a pretty big part, especially if they decide to take the character in another direction.

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Matt Smith just wrapped up work on The Crown Season 2 where he plays Prince Phillip. Smith is also known for playing the Eleventh doctor on Doctor Who and he has a mystery role in the upcoming Star Wars 9. The actor will next be seen in the biopic Mapplethorpe. As for his role in the upcoming Star Wars movie, it is rumored that he will be playing one of the Knights of Ren, though that has yet to be officially confirmed at this time. With that being said, Matt Smith definitely knows how to keep a secret from leaking out.

Morbius stars Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius, who is a scientist attempting to cure himself of a blood disease, which ultimately leads to him developing vampire powers. Adria Arjona's Martine Bancroft may end up getting infected too, depending on what story the studio ends up going with. Bancroft is Morbius' girlfriend and later fiancé. She ends up staying by the scientist's side after his transformation into a vampire, keeping his connections to the human world. Morbius later accidentally transforms Bancroft into a vampire too, which has seen the character go the villainous route in the comics and the role of the victim. It's unclear which version we'll see when the movie hits theaters, if she's involved in the project at all.

There currently is no release date set for Morbius the Living Vampire, though a July 2020 release date seems likely with Venom 2 appearing in the fall of 2020. That has not been confirmed at this time and it's not clear whether or not Sony will want to release both movies so close together. However, after the massive success of Venom, the studio might be ready to double down and have two Spider-Man spin-off movies out within months of each other. With production on Morbius expected to begin next month, we should have more information soon. Variety was the first to announce the Matt Smith Morbius news.