There have been quite a few leaked images from the set of Morbius the Living Vampire since production started. However, Jared Leto has provided fans with our first real look at the upcoming movie and his character, Michael Morbius. Sony is rearing to kick their Spider-Man spin-offs into full gear after the unexpected blockbuster success of Venom, and Morbius is up next, ahead of Venom 2, which will hit theaters in Fall 2020. There's about to be a lot more Spider-Man material on the way too, with Spider-Man: Far From Home opening in theaters this summer.

Jared Leto posted a small video clip of himself as Morbius the Living Vampire on social media earlier this week, providing our best look yet at his character. With that being said, he doesn't really look all that different from Leto would look at a 30 Seconds to Mars show, except for the fact he looks a little sickly and out of it. Michael Morbius may just be coming to terms with his sickness at this point in the movie. He may also be trying to conceal his new identity in public. Leto had this to say in the caption.

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"Because no one else will walk this path...this place of shadows, where we do what must be done, no matter the cost."

Previous behind-the-scenes looks at Morbius the Living Vampire have given us a look at Jared Leto in action, seemingly flying through the air while wearing an orange jumpsuit from what looks like a correctional facility. None of the leaked images or video has proven to be a spoiler of any kind and Leto's latest look at the movie is no different, except for the fact it's official and of much higher quality than anything else we've seen thus far.

It's going to be interesting to see which direction Morbius the Living Vampire takes. Before Venom hit theaters, it was thought that it was going to be on the darker side and was compared to horror movies. However, it ended up being a pretty light superhero movie with some excellent dark humor, which some critics overlooked at the time. Will we see Morbius turn out to be more of a vampire horror movie? Or will it go the same way direction Venom took. Either way, it's going to be very interesting to see how everything comes together.

Morbius the Living Vampire is shrouded in mystery right now. Hopefully, Jared Leto will provide more official looks at the movie as production continues. Other than that, there's not a whole lot to go off of at the moment. Production is more than likely getting ready to wrap, but it will be a while before we get our first look at some real footage. Until then, you can check out our first look at Morbius the Living Vampire below, thanks to Jared Leto's Instagram account.