Morbius the Living Vampire has been shooting for exactly one week. We've seen a select few photos from the set featuring Jared Leto. Today, we get our first video, which co-star Tyrese Gibson shared on Instagram. He seems pretty excited to be joining the Marvel universe in the role of an FBI agent hunting this vampire anti-hero. He had this to say.

"Nice guy but far from a joke #Morbius #MarvelUniverse #ItsMyTurn ( this will be my last post about this movie have to wait till July 2020 sorry loved ones Dr's orders )."
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Tyrese's FBI agent is seen shooting at an unknown foe. Perhaps he is hunting the living vampire. After firing a few rounds, Tyrese does a backwards summersault on the trampoline he's bounding across. And he has reason to be doing a backflip. In an earlier post, Tyrese Gibson revealed that he is signing a 3 movie deal for Morbius The Living Vampire, which is pretty standard for a superhero movie. It also indicates that Sony is planning a Jared Leto led trilogy for this Marvel antihero. Tyrese Gibson says this.

When you sign the deal........"God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth" - Matthew 5:5. - 3 picture #Marvel deal.... #Morbius #Humbled #Grateful been praying for a breakthrough had no idea that it was going to come on this level.... Thank you Jesus! #Amen #LondonUK.

As noted above, this is perhaps the only set video we'll be seeing from Morbius The Living Vampire, as the director has specifically instructed him to not share anything else on social media. We'll probably get a few teases from others involved in the movie as shooting continues.

Doctor Morbius suffers from a rare blood disease and later turns himself into Morbius the Living Vampire after trying to find a cure. In addition to his thirst for blood and new fangs, Morbius has super strength to go along with his new attributes. He apparently attracts the attention of the police, as he's being hunted by Tyrese Gibson's character.

Along with Jared Leto signing on as Morbius, it is believed that Matt Smith is playing Loxias Crown, Morbius' friend who suffers a similar fate to the living vampire. Smith is the designated villain in this Marvel adventure. Adria Arjona is signed to play the love interest. And Jared Harris just signed on last week to play Morbius' mentor.

You can check out Tyrese's Instagram posts, where he is seen on set. The background isn't covered in green screen, and it doesn't look like a very thrilling location, so perhaps this is a rehearsal, or maybe Tyrese is hunting Morbius in the local high school gym? Hopefully we'll get a few more peeks behind the scenes as shooting continues through spring.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange