Batman: Intimidation: More scoops have popped up online today from the next Batman film. Take a look...

First up, Dark Horizons got a juicy bit on some interesting elements from the supposed script...

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"There are three possible titles - Batman Begins, Batman: Intimidation Game, Batman: Genesis. From what I've read so far (a whooping three pages) it opens with a dream sequence of Bruce as a young child and then cuts to him in the Himilayas being tended to by an asian monk.

One interesting thing I did notice when flipping through the script was that The Scarecrow (always referred to as Jonathan Crane) appears a lot more than has been suggested. I'd say by thumbing through he looks to be in it for at least half, if not more, and Ra's Al Ghul doesn't appear to nearly midway in".

Secondly, Latino Review has posted a map and some location shots of where they plan to be filming various sequences in Iceland.

I contacted SagaFilm Iceland regarding Batman Intimidation Game. They confirmed that Batman will be shooting there. Here's the scoop on the location They couldn't say much more but they are excited about the project coming to Iceland!

- Filming takes place in H