While interviewing Bruce Willis in the park for Live Free or Die Hard, the actor was asked if this was going to be the last one. Surprisingly, his answer was, "No."

Willis said to the crowd, "No, I don't think so. Fox is already talking about doing another one. I told them I would only do it if Lin (Wiseman) was involved. And Maggie Q." Willis then looked down at Justin Long, who was hanging his head at this point, "Oh, yeah...And Justin of course. We couldn't do it without Justin."

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Lin Wiseman, the director of Live Free or Die Hard then chimed in, "I've got to say. I've been asked that question a bunch of times. It's been twelve years since the last one."

Bruce continued, "It's been twenty-one years. That is the span of all four of them. So you can see me when I'm thirty-one, and you can see me when I'm fifty-two. There are moments in the film where you see me getting up a little slower."

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