Fantastic Four: The upcoming comic adaptation has been getting tons of buzz lately. Of course, the buzz is always accompanied by rumors of casting. Here's a summary of the latest bits...

A reader over at Superhero Hype is claiming that actor Ralf Moeller is ready to start shooting...

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I'm just watching German television where they're broadcasting the heavyweight boxing Klitschko vs. Brewster in Las Vegas.

One of the hosts of the show interviewed Ralf Moeller (German actor, played the German warrior besides Russel Crowe in Gladiator) and Moeller confirmed that he's preparing for the Fantastic Four shooting.

Regretfully he didn't say which role he has but judging from his Schwarzenegger physique it will be some physical role.

A reader over at Latino Review is claiming some various roles that are up for grabs to certain talent who are interested...

Michael Chiklis was in considerations to play THE THING and that Tim Robbins is up for the role for DR.DOOM., tells us that Paul Walker is in consideration for Johnny Strom.

Cinescape is reporting their own rumors about the casting process as well...

a scooper has contacted us with what they've heard is being said on the set of BE COOL, the sequel to GET SHORTY that's presently filming.

According to our scooper, actress Christina Milian is one of the ladies being considered for the part of Susan Storm, a.k.a. The Invisible Woman in FANTASTIC FOUR. Milian is starring in BE COOL as Linda Moon, an up-and-coming singer who attracts the interest of Chili Palmer (John Travolta) and eventually represents Moon as her manager. Milian was seen earlier this year in TORQUE and in last year's LOVE DON'T COST A THING. She has already established a diverse successful singing and songwriting career, having several hit singles of her own as well as writing the hit song "Play" for Jennifer Lopez.

All of these rumors are of course unconfirmed. We'll keep you posted with the latest.

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