Freddy vs. Jason: I WANT THE TRUTH! Rumors are rampant on the internet right now about this flick, and this morning Dark Horizons gets another scoop from someone who went to the Fangoria fest this past weekend. Here's what 'JD' had to say:

"This past weekend I attended the Fangoria convention in Pasadena California. Kane Hodder was originally scheduled to appear but wound up being suspiciously absent. I went to the Kane Hodder booth and asked the woman working it if the rumors were true, that Kane would not be playing Jason in the Freddy vs. Jason pic. She said that this wasn't true and that the reason Kane never made it to the convention was because he was in fact in negotiations for that very part!"

Thanks DH!

Ghost Ship: CHUD continues it's Fangoria coverage with an interview with Ghost Ship director, Steve Beck. CLICK HERE Stay tuned for more Fangoria coverage from CHUD!

George Romero:ESplatter went to Fangoria this weekend as well and ended up finding out some things about zombie lord, George Romero, and his latest ventures:

"I do have a script at Fox for a fourth zombie film, which looks like it's going to happen," Romero said Saturday, August 17 at the Fango conference at the Pasadena Center. He added that the film would likely be R-rated for its theatrical release, then make it to DVD in an unrated version. "They're basically going to let me make my film and cut it back for R-rated release." The film, currently titled "Dead Reckoning," should be budgeted at about $10 million. "It's going to be the most expensive one," Romero said.

CLICK HERE for Esplatter's full Fangoria coverage. Thanks to DH for the heads up!

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Terminator 3: Will this movie just come out already? Latino Review has posted yet another batch of pictures from the Downey set of the cybornetic-organism-from-the-future-on-a-quest-to-save-or-kill-the-leader-of-the-resistence flick! CLICK HERE to see!

Stay tuned...for a vault...of movies...~Brian