Audiences have overwhelmingly responded to the unique offer from Best Buy and Universal Pictures to give away tickets to this weekend's nationwide theatrical release of Sobini Films' inspiring drama Peaceful Warrior. As of Monday, March 26, more than 900,000 tickets had been requested for this weekend's showtimes of the film, with a corresponding box-office value of nearly $8 million.

Best Buy and Universal Pictures will give away up to $15 million in tickets to the March 30 weekend's nationwide theatrical release of the film through a dedicated web portal, In response to surging demand, which had led some major theaters to qualify their weekend showtimes as sell-outs, additional tickets to Peaceful Warrior are being made available. Depending on continued availability, customers can obtain up to 10 free tickets, and information for the ticket giveaway will also be available in Best Buy stores and through Best Buy's Reward Zone program. If interested customers had visited the site and received information about their local theater being "sold out," they are encouraged to click through again for refreshed information and tickets.

Sobini Films' Peaceful Warrior will have a wide national release on March 30, 2007, in association with Universal Pictures and Lionsgate. The film is based on the inspirational best-seller Way of the Peaceful Warrior. The novel and the film chronicle the semi-autobiographical story of author Dan Millman's life-altering relationship with an unlikely mentor whose teachings about spirit over strength profoundly affected not only Millman, but also untold readers in the two and a half decades since the book was first published.