Empire Online recently tried to squeeze more tidbits on Die Hard 4.0 from actor Bruce Willis during his recent UK press rounds for Hostage. Here's what the site pulled from Willis concerning the film's development...

“Doug Richardson, who wrote [Willis’ latest film] Hostage, took a shot at Die Hard 4.0 and it’s a good idea. The script will be done by summer and they want to shoot it in the fall. McClane’s retired, he’s not a cop anymore.” RELATED: Die Hard 6 Is Dead at Disney

Yes, yes we knew that, we need more!

“It’s completely different from the other three films. The only one of the other three films that I thought had any merit to it was the first one. Actually, in the third one I think Sam Jackson’s work was really strong.”

Again with the vagueness, give us something concrete like… what’s with the 'point oh' in the title?

“Well, it has something to do with computers…”

Good, good. Now we’re getting somewhere. And is it true that you might kill off the vest-wearing icon in this instalment?

“I’ve heard that rumour! I like keeping those things a secret. But they didn’t want my character to be killed in Armageddon. It was in the original script, but once they saw the film, they were talking about sequels. But I was like, “I want to stick to the original script.” I don’t know what the outcome of Die Hard 4.0 will be. It feels like it should be the last one. Right now, if I retired the series, I would retire undefeated.”