Static Multimedia recently conducted a lengthy interview with director George Lucas to talk about all thing Sith as well as the direction of his future aspirations.

During the interview Lucas gave away some more details about his vision of the perviously announced Star Wars TV series, which he plans to help write the first season of the show...

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Are you going to miss it?

George Lucas: I am not going to miss it. I love doing it, but it is 20 years of my life. I am anxious to get on and do other things. We are still doing a TV series, two TV series, one animated and one live action, so I am not going to do it myself, but I'll peek in from time-to-time. So I won't completely have lost the Star Wars experience.

Now is the TV series a prequel to this?

George Lucas:No, the TV series, the animated TV series called 'Clone Wars' is about the clone wars. Some of it has been on the Cartoon Network, but we're making it into an actual half hour, 3D animation series, and the other one deals with minor characters. And the time period is between episode 3 and episode 4, that 20-year stretch, but the characters aren't any of the main characters that are in the movies.

As well, the director commented on his other project, the continuation of the Indiana Jones framchise...

Speaking of Indiana Jones, is that still cranking along?

Yep. I got a script last week and I'm going to work with the writer next week and you know, we have a ways to go on it.

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