Amazing Spider-man:Ain't it Cool News has struck again. Today some of their scoopers have sent in even more bits about the current filming in Chicago.

They had an open casting call on Nov. 2, and as recently as last weekend they were filming in the city. One of my actor friends was an extra, and they were filming on the El train over the weekend. She had to ride in the train, pretend there was a fight going on (I assume between Spidey and a villain) and react in slow motion. Then this Monday morning another friend spotted a bunch of trucks clearly marked 'Spiderman 2' parked on Wabash Avenue a couple blocks from our school in the Loop (downtown). He said they were filming in a building and security guards were posted outside the doors to prevent people like him from getting a peek.

In addition several readers sent in snippets from an interview with one of the animation designers as he talked about the design challenges they face while creating Doc Ock!

"There's a tricky balance with that character. He's got four mechanical arms that need to interact with him - they're his servants to some extent - but they also have individual aspects of his personality so we're working on portraying that. Also, from a technical standpoint, we're working on a model that has the animation controls that we need to get the actions. It needs to be something all the animators are comfortable with so they don't get bogged down by technical aspects."

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Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers:The One has gotten official word on the running time of The Two Towers (which we actually reported over 2 weeks ago!):

We, down here in New Zealand, have noticed that there has been much speculation about the running time of THE TWO TOWERS ....... it's exactly 2 hours, 59 minutes & 9 seconds, including the credits. So there you have it!

In addition, The One was the only fan based media outlet invited to the TTT Exhibit in Toronto. They have up images from the galleries, interviews, and video! CLICK HERE

Narc: A VERY extensive interview with Ray Liotta on the trials and tribulations of producing his first film is up at CHUD. Liotta give a lot of insight into the new film and his career. CLICK HERE

Treasure Planet:InCinemas will be hosting a live chat on Thursday, November 14th at 12:30PM EST with Producer Roy Conli and Supervising Animator Glen Keane! CLICK HERE

Curious George:Movie Poop Shoot is reporting that it does appear that yesterday's internet rumors are true and David Silverman will be directing a CGI adaptation of the beloved children's books Curious George. Universal is the studio behind the project.

Alfie:Empire Online talked with Michael Caine recently about his upcoming projects. According to Caine, talks of revamping up the classic Alfie are in the midst with a possible Brad Pitt in the starring role:

Jetting into London this weekend from the Texan set of his new film Secondhand Lions in which he stars with Robert Duvall and Haley Joel Osment, Caine let slip to Empire Online that the role that made him a star is to be revived – and with a possible Mr Pitt in the central stud's role.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}According to Sir Michael, a writer responsible for hit US sitcom Frasier has been recruited to write the script – a development which prompted Caine to mutter, "I feel rather jealous." And he went on, "I think Brad Pitt's going to play it." Caine was also full of praise for the pretty Mr Aniston, "He's a very good actor, but he's too good-looking so people don’t think he can act."

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Bruce Campbell:BBC Online is celebrating the re-release of Army of Darkness in the UK by interviewing the man himself, Bruce Campbell, in an online chat Wednesday night. Here is what their site has to say:

"Hail to the King, baby! Yup, Ash himself is waiting for your questions as "Army of Darkness" gets a cracking release on the new DVD. Send us your questions and we'll put the best of them to Bruce. We'll be interviewing Bruce on Wednesday night, the 13th of November."

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Ian McKellen: Ian McKellen spoke in Vancouver this past weekend about many subjects including Lord Of The Rings & X-Men 2! Check out a scooper's report over at Ain't It Cool. CLICK HERE

In addition, speculation is still abound on rather or not he'll be stepping into the shoes of Dumbledore in the next Harry Potter film. Here's what The One is reporting:

In a recent phone interview with McKellen (while staying in Vancouver to finish up X2), I asked him point blank about playing Dumbledore, and he expressly denied being asked about the part, being approached or even considered for it.

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Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: New character banners are now online for the film! CLICK HERE

In addition, more images are abound at The One! CLICK HERE

X-Men 2: Here's a VERY cool shot of Nightcrawler in X-Men 2! javascript:;|CLICK HERE

Maid In Manhattan: Yahoo movies have posted new stills! CLICK HERE

They: Wes Craven is still going strong as one of the masters of the horror genre. His latest offering They opens nationwide November 27th. But today the official website for the film opened up for the world to enjoy! CLICK HERE

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