The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Peter Jackson has already finished editing the extended DVD for The Two Towers. In an exclusive interview with the Lord of the Rings Fan Club Movie Magazine, the director stated that the additional footage will total 43 minutes, bringing the running time of the extended cut to a whopping total of 222 minutes. As with the extended Fellowship set, much of the extra material will be character moments. Jackson promises more Gollum and and Treebeard, "We have a great scene - which I would have loved to put in the theatrical version - where he recites really bad poetry to the Hobbits, who are desperately trying not to fall asleep... There are a lot more surprises in that extra Fangorn material."

Jackson's effects company, WETA, is now hard at work completing 150 new effects shots for those extra scenes. The DVD is expected out this coming November.

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