Edge of Reality Games, the makers of the video game adaptation of The Incredible Hulk, have released more information about the upcoming game to their website.

Listed on the site is a synopsis of the game:

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Bruce Banner has spent years searching for a cure to his "condition" - a condition that causes him to turn into a huge green monster when he gets too agitated or excited. Now, at least, he's close. He thinks he can finally create an antidote and become a normal human being again. Unfortunately, other people have different plans for him. General Ross wants the Hulk as a weapon for the Army and the secretive leaders of the Enclave want him eliminated before the Hulk ruins their plans for New York. It's enough to make a guy angry, and no one likes Bruce Banner when he gets angry.

They also provide a little bit more information about the game. In the game, the player (as Bruce Banner/The Hulk) will race to find a cure for Banner's transformations into the Hulk, and will battle both the U.S. Army and the Enclave. The game will take place largely in a simulated New York City, and it promises "every item is a weapon and every environment is an opportunity for destruction".

The game will be released to all next-generation consoles, and is based on the film version of The Incredible Hulk, directed by Louis Leterrier and starrint Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth and William Hurt.