BBC News is reporting that Quentin Tarantino has finally finished his long awaited screenplay for Inglorious Bastards, a film that he has been talking about for close to twelve years. At least since Pulp Fiction came out. With the ink still drying on the pages, the notorious director claims that he is ready to jump headfirst into pre-production.

While at the Provincetown Film Festival, the greasy 90s arthouse stalwart stated, "You're talking to a real happy dude right now." Surprised that the news of his finished script had moved along so rapidly, he continued, "I didn't know everyone knew about it, so this is actually kind of very bizarre for me."

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Inglorious Bastards is a World War II epic, and will be the director's sixth feature length project. While he used The Dirty Dozen as inspiration, he states, "What actually got me to sit down and put pen to paper was 'hey wouldn't it be fun to do a Dirty Dozen kind of thing?' It doesn't look anything like The Dirty Dozen. I don't want it to feel like a period film. I want it to feel current. I want it to feel right now. One of the things I have to battle against is 30 years of Nazi-occupation TV movies where we've all seen the big streets and the vintage cars and the Swastikas, and we've just seen that ad nauseum. This is a modern, in-your-face movie. This is not a TV movie period piece."

Tarantino claims that he wants the film shot and ready to go in exactly eleven months, so that it is ready for next year's Cannes Film Festival. Well, good luck with that!