If you ever wanted to own a piece of Heroes history, today you have another chance at it. Thanks to Watching Heroes.com for alerting us to the fact that there are a batch of new items available for auction today on www.nbc.com.

The items available for auction include:

Isaac's Painting Oufit - includes Banana Republic brand pants in size 34/32; Fruit of the Loom cotton tank top in size medium; Banana Republic white shirt in size medium. All are covered with multi-colored paint. Opening bid will be $50.

Gicl&#233e of Niki Pounding on Door - Canvas and wood painting measuring 39&#8243 x 35&#8243 x 1 1/2&#8243. This is one of the series of 8 paintings prominently featured in season 2. It shows Niki feverishly pounding on the door. Opening bid is $250.

Comic of Ando Dead - This black and white comic book page is from episode #1-21, "The Hard Part." It is 11&#8243 x 8 1/2&#8243. Opening bid is $50.

Gicl&#233e of Claire on Autopsy Table - Canvas on wood painting measuring 44 3/4&#8243 x 27 1/2&#8243 x 1 1/2&#8243. Shows Claire opened up on the autopsy table. Opening bid is $250.

Gicl&#233e of Dead Horn-Rimmed Glasses - Another of the series of 8 featured this season, this canvas on wood painting measures 39&#8243 x 35&#8243 x 1 1/2&#8243 and depicts HRG dead as daughter Claire clings to a hooded figure in the background. Opening bid is $250.

Gicl&#233e of Sylar standing over Issac - Canvas on wood painting measuring 55&#8243 x 36&#8243 x 1&#8243. Isaac finished this painting, showing his impending death, just as Sylar arrived to kill him. Opening bid is $250.

9th Wonders Comic - This comic "book" features the adventures of Hiro in the future. Note: the "book" is a repetition of several comic book pages. The 11&#8243 x 8 1/2&#8243 book is black and white and does have a few creases. Opening bid is $50.

Hiro's Origami Birds - Hiro made 1,000 origami cranes in an effort to impress the waitress, Charlie in the episode "Six Months Ago" from season 1. This auction will include 2 of those cranes, a purple and white crane and a pink with multi-colored images. Each measures about 3&#8243 x 2 1/2&#8243 x 2&#8243. Opening bid is $25.

Photo of Hiro and Charlie - This photo depicts Hiro attending Charlie's birthday celebration, after he went back in time to try to save her. This is from the episode Homecoming from season 1. The photo measures 3 1/2&#8243 x 3 1/2 and has one thumbhole tack at top center. Opening bid is $25.

Burnt Toast Cafe Menu - Hiro and Ando stop for a bite as the Burnt Toast Cafe in Midland, Texas during their "mission." That's where they encounter waitress, Charlie. This menu, complete with full breakfast and dinner options, was used during the filming of the "Seven Minutes to Midnight" in season 1. Measures 11 3/4&#8243 x 9 1/2&#8243 x 1/4&#8243. Opening bid is $25.

Charlie's Burnt Toast Waitress Outfit - Charlie Andrews was the waitress at the Burnt Toast Cafe in Midland, Texas who captured Hiro's interest - so much so that he went back in time to try to save her life during season 1. This waitress outfit includes a polka dot XXF top in size medium and !IT jeans in size 26. Opening bid is $40.

In addition to the items from Heroes, there are also items available from The Office, Friday Night Lights, Las Vegas and 30 Rock.