King Kong:Newsweek recently got a taste of Peter Jackson's massive upcoming retelling of King Kong during a recent visit to the set in New Zealand. During their visit it seems they were treated to some unexpected "animatic" footage of some of the preproduction shots in the film...

Everyone slumps down onto couches, and after prompting from Boyens, Jackson does something unexpected. He plays an "animatic"—an animated version of a scene made for planning purposes—of the last nine minutes of his movie. In other words: Kong's final stand atop the Empire State, and his fall. The animation is no-frills. The score is a patchwork. And yet the sequence, far different from the original in its choreography and emotional depth, is stunning. Even the sound of biplanes sputtering toward the gorilla is heartbreaking, because you know that Kong is not a villain—and you know what's coming. After the sequence ends, nobody talks. Then Walsh, ordinarily that funny, bleak voice in the head, speaks up. "People always ask Pete, 'Why do you want to remake 'King Kong'?" she says. "That's why."
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