Just when you thought you had all the Lake Placid 2 news...

In a story from Moviehole, they recently caught up with Lake Placid 2 director Dave Flores to find out about the sequel to this killer crocodile film.

Recently completed in Bulgaria, Flores explained how directing this sequel came about. "..My first movie, Boa vs. Python, got great ratings on it's premier and continues to this day for the Sci Fi network. Sci Fi and Fox wanted to partner up on the sequel to Lake Placid and I was brought on because of my success with the comedy/creature genre."

Flores went on to say that the story of Lake Placid 2 begins "Seven years later the baby crocs have all grown up and now the little town of Lake Placid has a whole new set of problems."

CLICK HERE to see production stills from Lake Placid 2!

Lake Placid 2 will premiere first on the Sci Fi Channel before making it's DVD debut from Fox.