Movie Picture

Let's start off with the latest Lord Of The Rings news since we only have 6 days and a few hours left until it's glorious release! I would like to say that the Sci-Fi Channel special that we mentioned in the last update was superb! It will be airing again this week, so don't miss out! This thing will definitely be on the DVD!

  • Ain't It Cool News posted some reviews and pictures from the British premiere of LOTR. Click me.
  • There are 2 hidden LOTR trailers on the Rush Hour 2 DVD! Click here for details.
  • New video at the official site! Cast and crew take you through the Elven city of Rivendell! Click this.
  • Tickets for LOTR are NOW available! If you'd like to join the geeks of Lights Out to the midnight showing of the film, e-mail us!
Not much going on in Hollywood right now, but here's a couple of things to chew on:
  • The rumor that Will Smith might be starring in I Am Legend might prove to be false now that Arnold Swartzenegger has disagreed to do any movie for Warner Brothers unless they keep him as the star for the movie. Never underestimate the power of Arnold...he always said..."I'll Be Back."
  • A 60 second TV commercial for Black Hawk Down is up at Yahoo.
  • The 3rd installment of R2-D2: Beneath The Dome is up. These things are somewhat hilarious!
  • Check out some stills from the official Brazilian site for Jason X.
  • New posters for new movies! The Scorpion King - Blade 2 - John Q
  • Some news has hit about the shuffling of rights for Terminator 3. Warner Bros. has now sparked interest in the project. This is a major turn from FOX which released the last 2 films.

Stay Tuned... ~Brian