The Alamo: Well, it's been nearly two weeks since we last heard any news about the proposed redux of The Alamo. Our last tip was that multiple Oscar winner Tom Hanks had recently taken a meeting with director Ron Howard, though it was unclear to our tipster whether the meeting had anything to do with the film...

The latest news is odd. The film had originally been set to start into full swing this July, but new intel tells us that production is now scheduled for September. But here's the kicker: Disney, the studio that is set to finance the project has not yet greenlit the film! Even more amazing is news that a 42 acre set is already under construction just outside of Austin, Texas in nearby Travis County. We'll be very curious to see if this project gets the greenlight.

Hmm. Wonder how much $$ they've spent already. Our tipster tells us that Ron Howard has told everyone currently working on the production that, "it's going to go." We'll see.

Singleton: The director, who last directed the widely panned big-screen version of Shaft, has taken over the reins of The Fast & The Furious 2. This comes as no surprise since our last update was that actor/singer/model Tyrese (who starred in Singleton's Baby Boy), had emerged as the leading candidate to co-star with Paul Walker. So there it is!

Russell Crowe: The project that Crowe has been circling for nearly a year now, Cinderella Man, is pursuing Crowe even harder. They want to get Crowe to sign, and they want him before Ron Howard gets him for The Alamo. If they get their way, Cinderella Man, which is about a boxing champ in the 50's, will be his next gig after he completes Peter Weir's film in Mexico.

Indy 4: More and more rumors are popping up about tech scout's for the upcoming Indiana Jones adventure. We keep hearing about prop houses being contacted about whips and weapons. Well, our tipster over at Dreamworks has chimed in again. He/She won't confirm the Frank Darabont rumor, but does tell us that if the film does indeed happen, that it won't be this year. "Lucas," our tipster informs us, "is tied up on Episode III, and Spielberg is telling everyone that once he finishes post on Catch Me If You Can, that he plans to spend a year with his wife and kid's." If this is in fact true, it makes sense. Spielberg tends to make three films in a row and then take a break. As you know, he's done AI, Minority Report, and Catch Me If You Can virtually back to back to back. I'd say the man deserves a break, wouldn't you?

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