Batman:Dark Horizons scored a scoop today from someone who seems to know a lot about what's going on with the next Batman project. Take a look:

"Ashton Kutcher. We all know he is the front runner in the Bat-mix. But he is only the WB's front runner. Nolan does not want Kutcher (at least he is definitely not his first choice), as far as Nolan's first choice; he has a lengthy list of unknowns/semi-established actors that will be screen tested in late Summer. Nolan has until the end of August/early September to find a replacement; and from the buzz around the office, it looks like he will do just that (I think someone mentioned about 20 different names in mind?). As far as Nolan wanting Guy Pearce, I wouldn't hold my breath. I think that was mostly rumor that he was going to pull a "Burton" and cast an actor he recently worked with and has a good relationship with. He's looking in the 25-30 range as far as actors go. (As opposed to 18-22). Remember what happened with Spiderman? The Wes Bentley/Di Caprio situation? I am 100% certain that's what is going to happen here. Again, Nolan has until the end of Summer to find his replacement. Chris Lloyd as Scarecrow. Yes, he has been spotted around the backlots. No, we don't know for sure what for. He was spotted with Nolan twice, and then alone the other 3 times. I read a report that he was seen shaking hands with Nolan and had a script in his hand, I can't confirm this, but I will try to look into it to see what I can get out of the situation. Take that last bit with a grain of salt. A damn big one at that. Al Gough as Alfred again? You're on the money. He is both Nolan's and WB's first choice, and will most likely get the role, even though the film is a restart of the franchise. (This is just a way to pay homage to the previous films and keep some familiarity with audiences, because almost nobody else from previous films will be cast)".

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the scoop!