National Treasure & RPM: Hollywood moves fast. How fast? Fast! It turns out that just a month after signing on to RPM for director Simon West, Cage has now dropped out of negotations to *instead* star in National Treasure for producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Jon Turtletub.

It was originally thought that Cage would star in both films but Treasure is set to lens in August as is RPM, so that would be virtually impossible. This now leaves RPM now looking for it's "Butch" and it's "Sundance Kid" characters. The producers now still have two stars to find, not just one.

While the verdict is still out on who will star in RPM, the premise (thanks to|Upcoming Movies) of National Treasure has been revealed in a bit more detail. It centers on a group of modern treasure hunters, led by an archaelogist (Cage) who is the eighth generation in a family all searching for the same thing...a massive war chest treasure reportedly hidden by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin as funds for the Revolutionary War, using a secret code found in the Constitution (and a map that might have been drawn on the back of the Declaration of Independence) to find its location.

Cage is, however, still attached to Dead to Rights and Ghost Rider.

Stay tuned...