A lot of people can't wait to see J.J. Abrams' upcoming reboot of the Star Trek franchise, which will hit next summer. But one person that has already seen the film is acclaimed indie director Kevin Smith, who recently shared his experience with MTV Movie Blogs. Its not new news that he's seen the film, but this is the first time he has discussed it openly.

Smith stated, "It's really strong. J.J. Abrams was rejiggering the opening few scenes. It's one of those things where you first heard about it and were like, 'No they're not going to redo Star Trek!' And then you see the movie and you think, 'Wow he did pull it off! He turned it into a viable renewed franchise'."

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He then went on to say, "Chris Pine is fantastic. It is a star-making performance. From his first scene forward, this dude is not doing an impression of Shatner. He is doing young Kirk. He doesn't have the slow delivery mannerisms of Shatner but it's totally James T. Kirk, the bravado, the self-assuredness. It's such a great performance. You can't take your eyes off the guy. Anytime he's not on the screen you're waiting for him to get back. And the chick [Zoe Saldana] who plays Uhura is really great. They made Uhura really interesting."

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Star Trek tears into our galaxy on May 8th, 2009.