Transformers: A scooper over at AICN recently attended the "The Official Transformers Collector's Convention" this past weekend where many details about the proposed film were revealed. Take a look:

"The first word is that the movie is still on track, but there is no script yet or director.� Desanto is working on a story that will remain true to the comics and will feature all Generation One characters.� Vince Dicola, the man behind the score to the original Transformers movie, was in attendance and said he's actively seeking the job for the new movie.� He's helped lend new music to a couple Transformer projects since the movie and has been great about getting out to the cons.� � RELATED: Optimus Prime Rolls Out in Latest Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Set Video

Hasbro said at the current rate, we can expect the movie to run in 2005, which is appropriately the same year the original film took place.� No toy line is planned to work with the movie yet, but we do have a 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime coming..."

Just as well, talk of an upcoming Cartoon Network series was also had at the convention:

TV wise, "Transformers Armada: The Unicron Battles" will run this fall on Cartoon Network and will bring the bad guy to end all bad guys back into cannon.� But thats not all!� Next year "Transformers: Energon" will� start on Cartoon Network and will directly follow up the Armada story.� We'll have more combiners, more minicons, and some fan favorites like Ravage back in line.� Apparently the Unicron story will unfold in a way that will lead into an energy crisis, getting Transformers at last back to the very roots of the story from 20 years ago.� Voice actors Garry Chalk (prime) and David Kaye (megatron) had a panel, and said they haven't been approached for the new series yet, but they're typically the last to know when the animation is overseas like this.

Stay tuned for more...