Doom: id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead talked about the Doom movie adaptation at the Quakecon event last week. A scooper over at Dark Horizons has typed up a transcription of the speech:

"Yeah, we do have the movie deal for DOOM. I always have a healthy degree of skepticism about this stuff, but I can honestly say that having been down this path at least two or three other times before, I'm more optimistic now about actually the process of creating a legitimate that, you know, we won't be embarrassed about when we go to see it in the theatre and that the audience can get up and cheer at the end as opposed to boo. That's a big challenge for video game developers and I think just generally sort of the collaboration between us and whoever is going to go and take those rights and use it in a film because there may be some disagreements or differences in interpretation [between the game & film makers). We certainly recognize that what we provide on the interactive side is a lot different than what you can do on the film side, and we know our limitations, but on our side I think that we know what the heart and soul of DOOM is about. Its definitely not about a movie that sucks, so we want it to be good....our deal with the company allows us to have certain creative control by the way of not only the process that we're involved in but also certain restraints about what they can and can't do. I think that the team so far that Warner Bros has put together are guys that are interested in making a good movie and interested in making one that's true to DOOM ....a movie that people who play DOOM want to go see and that they enjoy. They recognize that it starts with the hardcore fans, and then goes out because if you make one that everybody, you know that all the people that have been fans of the game for you know, more than a decade, don't like, then that's going to create a bunch of negative buzz".

Thanks again to DH for the scoop!