Red Dragon: In case you've been wondering how things have been going over at Universal, things are going... slow. For one thing, several weeks ago, there was an issue with the application of full body tattoo's to actor Ralph Fiennes. Seems that the make-up department was a bit generous with their original estimates. The application ended up taking as many as three hours each day! Needless to say, this is a huge delay.

Also adding to the lethargic shoot, is director Brett Ratner's decision to evacuate the stage for rehearsals. Seems that the crew is seen milling around (outside) the stages of Universal for thirty minutes or more each time!

Finally, we've heard that Ratner's frequent set visitors can be quite unruly. Among the stories we received: There's the one about two young ladies hanging around Brett and the monitors who seemed to be... just a bit drunk. Apparently, the girls eventually made their way into the trailers to play dress-up. How about the one about the guy who might be a childhood friend of Brett's who was asked to leave the set when his behavior became, um, strange.

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DareDevil: Signs for the film were spotted in downtown Los Angeles today, along with a long line of trailers and trucks. Guess the rumors of delay were wrong.

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Basic: The John Travolta film finishes up this week in Florida before moving on to Panama. A Tipster on the set brings us this report: "Everyone on the set is really cool except for the director. Travolta gave out really nice pens to all the crew members that say 'Thanks, J.T.'" Guess McTiernan is still pissed about Rollerball.

Cage: Nic Cage, who's Windtalkers will finally open this year, will produce and star in a remake of the 1973 cult classic The Wicker Man. Neil LaBute will write and direct the remake which will be updated to the present. The original starred Edward Woodward (yes, The Equalizer), as a Scottish policeman investigating the disappearance of a little girl, who discovers a colony of pagans on a remote island.

Kidman & Zellweger: The competing Oscar nominees are in talks to topline Cold Mountain for director Anthony Minghella. Jude Law is in talks for the lead. The project is about a wounded soldiers trek home to reunite with his love after the war. Kidman would play Ada, the love interest, and Zellweger would play her sister Ruby. The project, you may recall, was previously linked to Tom Cruise.

Depp: Johnny Depp will play Peter Pan creator J.M. Barrie in Neverland, about the events that inspired the author to write the classic story. Marc Forster (Monster's Ball) will direct.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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