Hello. Well, I've been pretty busy this week up dating certain parts of the site with better some looks and feels. For example you can subscribe and unsubscribe yourself to the Lights Out newsletter. Oh wow! I have also put up the LINKS section. Check out some of our friends in there...they would love for you to visit!

In my browsing the last week I came across a couple of things that had me crapping my pants on the floor laughing. You gotta check these things out.

When I first started my browsing early this week I was at the Bad-Candy when one of the banners caught my eye. Now, I'm not one that's really partial to clicking on banners, but this one looked so interesting. It was a picture of a girl answering the phone...she's says "hello?" then Arnold Swartzenegger comes bursting in yelling "You idiot!"

Oh man. So being the big fan of Arnold that I am I preceded to the UGO.com website where I heard the Arnold prank calls I have ever heard in my life!

Move over Jerky Boys because Arnold Swartzenegger is a lot better at it. Listen to the greatest Austrian to ever lived, who "just wants to get to know you," over at UGO.com.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}

I came across another great thing this week as well. The Rockstar trailer. God, I can't wait until this comes out! Mark Wahlberg as a heavy metal god. If you like long hair, big riffs, and fast cars you had better jump on over to the FILMS section and watch this amazing trailer!

If you haven't seen Truck Guy Episode 5: "I'm Done" then you are missing out my friend! It is Truck's final bow out. He's done. And in a big way. Get the movie...RIGHT NOW!

Stay Tuned...~Brian