Silent Hill: If, like myself you’ve been pretty darn disappointed by the success rate of recent zombie game-to-film adaptations, (from a quality oriented standpoint at least) you’ll be very interested to “hear” what Pulp Fiction’s scripter says he and Brotherhood of the Wolf’s helmer have in store for the world’s next digital-to-live undead-fest:

“Silent Hill, Silent Hill, Silent Hill... my life is consumed by it. The soundtrack to Silent Hill 2, the graphic novel, fan art, and of course, the games. I'm mostly spending the evenings re-playing Silent Hill 2 (my favorite of the series) on my French PS2, and then watching various DVDs that Christophe suggests are similar to the Silent Hill feel. Then, every morning at 10AM, a car picks me up from my apartment in St.-Germain-des-Pres to deliver me to the palatial offices of Samuel Hadida (which we call KGB Central) where Christophe and I feverishly work alongside each other. We have the entire 4th Floor production suite to ourselves. Christophe is obsessed with all sorts of obscure Italian soundtracks, which we listen to (along with the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack and heavy doses of Serge Gainsbourg) while we write. We've had a game system brought into the office so that we can take breaks to play. Usually, around 1PM we go out for a typical French lunch, usually accompanied by a gathering of French cinephiles that seem to creep out of the woodwork. After two or more hours of heated discussions of who is the Godfather about, exactly, Pacino or Brando (or some other tangential topic, like which recent American directors are the cinematic descendents of Claude Lelouche), we wander back to the office and finish off some more pages. I've eaten more bread, and drank more nuclear coffee in the last 10 days than I have in the last year. By night, I'm back to my little apartment -- typically French, with beams in the ceiling and creaky wood floors -- to continue trolling the Silent Hill universe for hidden clues. This may just be the best writing experience I've ever had.”

”Okay, one thing: WOULD YOU FREAKING SILENT HILL FANS PLEASE STOP SENDING ME YOUR SCRIPTS! I delete them without reading them, and it's getting a little absurd. I mean, does everyone who plays this game write a script immediately after finishing?! And please, stop asking me if I'm as obsessed with this game as you are. The answer is, NO, I'm not. But Christophe Gans IS. I'm just writing down his interpretations and visions. I appreciate the concerns, and I'm happy to know what your favorite moments of the game are -- but please, relax a little. It's going to be a fantastic filmic experience -- Christophe is too obsessed with it for it not to be. Have faith.”