In a story from The Hollywood Reporter it looks like Morgan Creek is suing Amaru Entertainment which owns the estate of Tupac Shakur.

Morgan Creek, which is owned by Rick Nicita has brought legal proceedings against the company run by Afeni Shakur, Tupac's mother and executor. The company claims in a Los Angeles Superior Court filing that Amaru pulled out of their agreement "to sell his life rights for a film adaptation."

Negotiations for these life rights started in November. Through the complaint, Morgan Creek claims that Afeni Shakur is "refus(ing) to honor and perform a contract of a production of the film based on the life of Tupac Shakur."

Amaru, through their lawyers, denies that a deal was ever in place.

Apparently a biopic was on the radar of many of studios and Amaru's lawyers claim that Morgan Creek has interfered with this.

Back in December it seems that Morgan Creek wanted "a term sheet from Amaru," but was then offered another proposal that "set forth, in meticulous detail, the precise comprehensive terms, including material terms, that (Amaru) required to enter into a contract for the project."

Some feel that with the Biggie Smalls biopic Notorious not doing so hot when it was released in January, this further hurt the negotiations process between Amaru and Morgan Creek.

Tupac Shakur was an actor/rapper who sang such hits as "Me Against the World" and "All Eyez on Me." He was shot to death in 1996 as a byproduct of an East Coast-West Coast rap feud.