In recent interviews for Dreamcatcher, we caught up with Morgan Freeman to ask him about his role in the upcoming flick as well as future projects.

So, we don't often see you playing a villain.

Yes, it's a stand out that I get to play a villain.

Is he a villain though? Do you think he's a bad guy?

No, he's not a bad guy. Only in that he's gotten very messianic about a mission he's been entrusted with.

It's one of these great, huge effects movies and yet the characters are still a lot of fun. That's good. That's good film making cause you're not depending on the effects to “make” the movie. If the characters hold you and your not waiting for the next CGI that's good.

But do you ever feel like a cog in this huge machine?

No, I feel like the machinery. I think Larry's very good about keeping your perspective so that you don't reduce your sense of self and mission.

What do you think is the enormous appeal for Stephen King's work?

I think the appeal is there because Stephen is not just a really prolific writer; He's an excellent writer. If you look at the things that were made into movies, they were made into movies because they were actually really well drawn character studies. In the scary ones, the ones outside of things like Shawshank Redemption, what do you want for visuals?

InBruce Almighty, do you play the Almighty?

Yeah, I play Almighty.

So do we see you on screen in that, or is it just a voice over?

No, you actually see me.

Is it a full out comedy?

Full out, full blown comedy.

Do you give him special powers?

Yeah, It's a situation where I just go on vacation for a while. At one point he says to me: “You're God, you can't go on vacation.” And I say: “Did you ever hear of the Dark Ages?”

How do you get into character when you're playing God?

Put on a costume.

How did you like being in a Comedy?

I loved it. I had a great time working with Jim [Carey].

You were in Prince George, Canada for the filming ofDreamcatcher.

Yes, we were in Price George but we did not have enough snow. We were 500 miles north of Vancouver. Prince George is very close to the Arctic Circle. So, we were certain we were going to have enough snow. And we had to have that powder stuff and a lot of us got sick.

Was it cold up there?

It was very, very cold.

How does that impact on you guys?

I don't do cold, I don't care. Sizemore would be out there sweating. He's one of those guys.

How did you develop this character? Is it on the page or how much do you develop the character based on reading or just intuiting what you think you want to bring to it?

I don't even know what you're asking here but my answer is that the character is on the page. You can get it from the content of the story. I can't go outside that and find anything. What I can do in terms of presentation from my own mind is have something to do with the way he looks and the way he presents the stuff that's on the page. There's a moment there when he's talking about an incident that happened in Montana…

…Where they really did screw up?

Yeah, and he finds that moment a bit in spite of himself.

This is, basically two separate movies. Had those other actors come and gone by the time you showed up?

We did all of ours, and then I was gone. Then he went and made the other movie.

You mentioned comedies earlier. For you as an artist, is it tougher to do comedies or dramas? Or are they the same?

They're the same. Working in Bruce Almighty I'm with the supreme comedian. So, I don't have to do anything funny. Just be a straight man and it works real well and it's easy.

Now that Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington have got these reputations for being good characters in movies. It's like the big dramatic change when they play bad guys. Would you want to do something like that?

When a script like that comes along there's no question you want to do it. These are characters imbedded in the stories that have a lot going for them. There are levels of good and bad in all of us so if you find a character who's bad, who's evil, is segmented. There are levels that you can explain to yourself as an actor I'm doing this because I have these reasons for it. They're worth doing. You want to find stuff like that. You mentioned Tom Hanks. He was just brilliant in Road to PERDITION. Any of us would have jumped at it. Anybody.

So you're not turning down certain things?

No, things with gratuity are turnoffs.

Are you still getting a lot of gravitas roles?

I'm getting a lot of them, yeah.

Is it easier to resist them now that you're doing a comedy and other things?

No, it's no easier or harder to resist them, I mean you can't get much more gravitas than God, can you?

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