Unleashed During recent interviews for Dreamcather, we got a chance to talk to Morgan Freeman about his upcoming role in Danny The Dog which also stars Jet Li.

Are you going off to France to shoot something?

I was just in Paris doing a Luc Besson film.

Is that the action one with Jet Li?

Yes, Danny the Dog.

What was his character like?

He's playing a very simple person who was a pit bull. He was trained to kill. That's all he knew how to do. He wasn't given any education, was caged all the time, was kept in a basement with a collar on and when the collar comes off whoever is in front of him dies. But as long as that collar is on him he's docile, just plain old docile.

Are you his handler?

No, I'm a guy who meets him and becomes his savior.

Is Besson directing this?

No, Besson produced it and Louise Leterrier directed it.

Oh, the guy from The Transporter?


Seeing as this is going to be a really intense action movie do you see it as sort of an actors holiday?

Well, my character is a blind piano tuner. I go through the whole movie blind.

So did you do any sort of preparation for this role or are you not into the whole method thing?


Did you talk to any blind people for research?

No, there's no point in doing that.

Did you where any contact lenses so that you were sightless when doing the scenes?

No. I closed my eyes. That's all.

Is Jet Li as serious as the characters he plays or does the man have a sense of humor?

No, of course he has a sense of humor. I didn't see it but I know it's there. [laughter] He's a very straight up guy.

Do you think he's a real actor?

Yeah. I get the impression, since he had a trainer there, that he's on the learning curve.

Are you going to the Oscars this year?

No, no.

Do you have any votes?

Well, I haven't seen them all and it's really hard to vote when you haven't seen them all. But, you know, Renee [Zellweger} and the whole cast of Chicago was so outstanding. I saw About Schmidt and I'm a real huge fan of Jack's [Nicholson] but I also so Adaptation and I think Chris Cooper was...outstanding.

Unleashed hits theaters in 2004! Stay tuned for the latest on this movie by keeping your eyes on our Movie Vault! CLICK HERE