Morgan Freeman is a downloading pioneer.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, the actors newest film 10 Items or Less will be available to download from two weeks after it's theatrical release Dec. 1.

Representing a bold departure for both Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman and director Brad Silberling, 10 Items or Less is an intimately-scaled, two-character comedy in which Freeman plays a major movie star whose pickiness with his projects accounts for a lengthy absence from the screen. While considering a role as a supermarket manager, he decides to do some field research at a small ethnic market on the very outskirts of Los Angeles.

Finding himself stranded with no cell phone or transportation, he meets Paz Vega, the feisty cashier who mans the store's express register. When she offers to drive him back to "civilization," this initially mismatched pair discovers common ground, with the star realizing that his love for people is what drew him to acting in the first place, and the cashier gaining the confidence to interview - or as he terms it, to "audition" - for a job that could change her life. also plans to offer Lonely Hearts, starring John Travolta and James Gandolfini, next Spring.

Lonely Hearts is the story of Buster Robinson (Travolta) hot on the trail of a pair of deranged lovers on an interstate murdering spree. Robinson must follow the trail of clues and stop them before they kill again.