It looks like Super Size Me writer-director Morgan Spurlock is getting into non-documentary feature-length films and has an Erin Brockovich-styled film already in the works, he announced to USA Today.

Morgan Spurlock said:

"I would love to. There's a couple movies that I'm attached to right now. It took a long time to find something that I liked. There's a film I'm attached to at Leonardo DiCaprio's company right now that's very Erin Brockovich-ish, which is great. I wanted to find something that was smart, that I thought had a little teeth to it. Wasn't just some kind of fluffy ... Like, after Super Size Me came out, I got sent so many amazingly terrible scripts. They were like, "Super Size Me is hilarious! We should send him some comedies!" So I got sent some really bad comedies. I got sent a Revenge of the Nerds remake. ... I got, like, a Deuce Bigelow movie.

And I said, if I'm going to make a comedy, then I want it to be something that's smart. I want it to be a comedy that has some sort of ... a driving narrative beyond laughs. Then Thank You for Smoking came out, and I was like, "Thank You for Smoking is a great example. This is the movie I want to make." But those scripts are hard to find."

No film production information was announced.