Morgan Spurlock has signed an exclusive new deal with Fox Television. According to Variety, he will be producing both TV series and projects for new media under this contract.

Fox's David Madden stated, "Jill Schwartz and I wanted to make a statement that this studio was after adventurous material that would blur the lines between scripted and nonscripted, that would be provocative, high profile and mess with all the rules. We hope to support him doing what he's already been doing so beautifully in the personal documentary mode, as well as to help him cause trouble both in the traditional narrative arena and in the world of the Web."

Spurlock says he hopes "to create the kind of unabashed programming that will move audiences and make them think. As a filmmaker and producer, it's so important to me to maintain my own voice and work in an environment that encourages creative freedom and exploration of new ideas. I've had exactly that kind of experience with FX on '30 Days.'"