According to The Hollywood Reporter Morgan Spurlock and Dark Horse Productions are teaming up to turn his film Super Size Me into a graphic novel.

The book will be called Supersized: Strange Tales From a Fast Food Culture. It will showcase some very interesting stories about the U.S.'s love of fast food that didn't make it into the film. Spurlock will be penning the stories, and they will feature a variety of old and new artists writing the scripts and doing the drawings for the book.

It will be published this spring.

According to the director, once the movie came out a lot of people came to him with their fast food horror stories.

"As great as they were on paper, I think they'll be better told in a graphic-novel form," Spurlock states. "They're funny, they're gross, and hopefully they'll be informative too."

In the upcoming comic, the clown character of MC Super-Size Me (who was created for the promotions of the movie) will take readers through each story.